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Distance, sanitary measures, logistical issues… It may happen that a company faces challenges when it wants to organize a Team building or a particular event. In these circumstances, a relationship of trust can make all the difference.

Thanks to our listening skills and our will to make your event a memorable one, we helped you organize the magical evening you dreamed of for your employees by retaining a professional mixologist and accompanied you throughout your project. The mixologist composed an original, tailor-made recipe for you, and detailed all the ingredients and tools needed to make it. We then contacted our different suppliers to collect all the necessary items and had the cocktail box sent all over the world to all your employees. Thanks to a timely organization, the cocktail boxes were received in time, and all the recipients could mix the cocktail, share a drink at the same time, and spend a memorable evening. In our hand, we were delighted to have put all our expertise and creativity at your service, knowing that it helped you show your recognition to your employees.